Rahul & Aakruthi

Grand Wedding Amidst Covid – The wedding and its detailing were planned with N numbers of zoom calls amidst the second wave, keeping in mind the grandeur and safety Hand in Hand.
Sajjanghot: The event was planned with utmost detailing, beautifully decorated centre installation, stunning lunch décor along with the ambience, live bangles, pottery, block printing add-ons and beautiful couple entry. The event was completed with Pragya and Chavyi's amazing performance.
Sangeeth: This festivity was planned with a beautiful tunnel of lights matched with reflective flooring and the cosmic blanket of lights. Grand couple entry and paparazzi gimmick at the entrance gave each one a starry vibe.
Tropical Lunch: Day 2 began with thematic tropical lunch in the Amara Ball Room, the vibe of the venue was completely given a makeover with décor and game corners. The YouTube sensation Nupur Pant set the perfect mood for the afternoon.
Royal Wedding: From the famous Jea Band to the beautiful bridal entry in floral palki along with the props and dancers and the royal groom entry. This evening had royal written all over it. The multiple layered grand Varmalla set up along with the special effects, the traditional mandap and the floral décor around it were executed perfectly as

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